NEW ARRIVALS! Hanging with Mr Eric’s Ts and CD!

Hanging with Mr Eric Ts

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Price: $15.00
Price: $10.00

Volume1Mr Erics Music – “KIDS CD Volume I”

Mr. Eric has revised the first CD, now called Vol 1.  with less talk in between songs and more of the music.  Get it now for hours of listening fun and songs with your kids.

Price: $7.00
Mr Eric

Volume2Mr Erics Music – “KIDS CD Volume II”

Vol. 2 has some new fun songs on it including Baby Baluuga and Five Little Monkeys.  Mr. Eric makes a fun math session with the Five Little Monkeys song too.  You’ll like this this one.  Great stocking stuffer.

Price: $7.00
Mr Eric


Eric Ahlteen – “BRIGHTER”

11 Songs

Price: $10.00